This drop in style program provides parents with an evening to themselves while children enjoy pizza and a movie with friends. Children are present in a safe and fun-filled environment.


Most Friday nights, 6:00pm - 8:30pm


  • $25.00 for one (1) child

  • $40.00 for two (2) siblings

  •  +$10.00 per additional sibling

* The Wright Spot reserves the right to cancel programming at any time. Interested families will receive email confirmation of whether the program will be running by noon on the day of the event. A minimum of five (5) registrants are required in order to host Movie Night.

*Drop off is at 6:00pm, with pizza served at 6:30pm.

*Pick up is at 8:30pm.

Want to sign-up for a Movie Night? Send us a note and we'll be in touch.