The Wright Spot provides a warm and inviting environment for all. With 1800 square feet of space, anything is possible!

Composed of two levels, the open concept upper floor, and the lower level art studio, our space is ideal for playing, socializing, and learning. 

A mix of tile and laminate flooring support our main level open area, kitchen, and tabletops. Mirrors cover our front wall, enlarging our space and providing an outlet for creative expression. A designated area for jackets, shoes, and personal belongings sits to the right of our entryway, decorated by our colourful letter + number wall above. Sunlight seeps into the studio from our large front window, providing just the right amount of natural glow and complimenting the engaging atmosphere we seek to create. Our living plant wall enhances this, cleansing the air and providing a green area within our studio. To the left of the entrance, our expansive toy shelf encompasses the entire brick wall it is supported by, and is filled with learning materials that encourage the interests and development of our children.

Our lower level art studio is home to all things artistic and creative. With two long wooden tables occupying the middle of the room, all children have the space and freedom to marvel in their ideas and produce work that is the result of unrestricted, imaginative thought. Tall white cupboards filled with art supplies are secured to the walls, with a space to hang smocks after art experiences take place. A large sink for preparing and washing materials is located on this level, as well as two washrooms for our children, families, and teachers to use.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care with dedicated individual attention given to all children that is second only to your home environment. Small class sizes, qualified teaching staff, and developmentally enriching experiences ensure for fun and success at every level. The Wright Spot is committed to developing and fostering strong supportive relationships with children in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. With ample opportunity to grow and learn, we promote healthy development in all aspects of our programming